K5: Rust, without the problems

OCM's developed K5: Rustic Metal Finishes to provide an innovative, painted solution to the problems commonly associated with natural, weathering sheet metal. K5 offers a full range of PVDF paint options that replicate the appearance of naturally weathering metals, such as steel, copper, and zinc. While rusted metal has become widely used in architecture, it comes with many dangers and risks. Rusting metals can corrode, leading to leaks. K5's PVDF coating provides lasting protection to the aluminum or steel substrate. Natural rust can drip from roofs and run down walls, staining the surrounding materials and sidewalks. With K5 there is no rust, so there is no staining.

Natural metals can also be unpredictable. Natural metals will age to a variety of colors depending on their environment and atmosphere, making it difficult to achieve the desired results. OCM can precisely replicate K5 colors and can even create custom variations, providing control and predictability. K5 Rustic Metal Finishes have been widely used in commercial, institutional, and residential building applications including corrugated and standing-seam roofing, wall cladding, column covers, doors, ceiling panels, soffits, and window mullions. K5: Rustic Metal Finishes are processed exclusively on Old Country Millwork’s coil coating line in Los Angeles, California. They can be supplied in coil or flat sheets, both of which can be supplied with removable protective film if required.

• K5 Won't Rust
• K5 Won't Stain
• K5 Won't Corrode
• More than 40 color options
• K5 Won't Fade or Change colors
• 30-year warranty
• Aluminum or Steel

"Go rustic with K5 for any sheet metal application, including roofing and wall panels."


Custom color matching is available

The K5: Rustic Metal Finishes coating system is specifically designed for roofing and construction applications and has excellent U.V. color stability along with super resistance to chalk and fade. The unique K5: Rustic Metal Finishes also provide excellent coating “top hardness” which significantly improves scratch and scuff resistance and greatly reduces damage during transit and installation. K5: Rustic Metal Finishes have outstanding chemical resistance and are long lasting products that perform well in severe environments. An advantage of K5: Rustic Metal Finishes, when compared to installing weathering steel, is that there is no rust runoff or staining to the surrounding materials on and around the building, including driveways and sidewalks. Substrate corrosion and failure can also be avoided by using K5: Rustic Metal Finishes.

K5: Rustic Metal Finishes are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including roofing, building panel, fencing, tubing, and decking. With over 20 unique styles, K5: Rustic Metal Finishes can satisfy a wide range of visual requirements. All of the K5: Rustic Metal Finishes can also be formulated with “Cool Roof” pigmentation to meet Energy Star ® Cool Roof application requirements for IR (inferred reflective) building envelope products, adding to the building’s energy efficiency.

Please check with your Old Country Millwork representative for more detailed information and product samples today.

Custom color matching is available



OCM developed by OCM to provide cost-effective and long-lasting painted sheet metal alternatives to expensive and unpredictable natural metals. Ore will not tarnish, discolor, or rust - making it the perfect option for clean, elegant metal architecture. Ore is a great alternative to metals like brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc, and anodized aluminum. Ore is available in a wide range of colors and glosses on aluminum or steel.



OCM developed Brazen to provide bold, elegant paint options for architectural sheet metal that needs to stand out and stand the test of time. Brazen achieves the look of aged brass, but at a much lower price and with the color stability that only PVDF paints can offer. The timeless beauty of Brazen will make your project truly shine.



OCM's Midnight series provides unique alternatives to blackened steel and other dark, aged metals. These PVDF finishes are perfect for applications that call for a weathered aesthetic without the warm tones typically associated with rusting steel.



OCM offers a line of woodgrain print patterns, known as TimberMet. There are multiple colors available for each print, including the option to create custom colors with these patterns. Samples of each product are available upon request.


OCM’s Tinted Zinc

Old Country Millwork’s Tinted Zinc is a colorful architectural zinc that captures the natural beauty of zinc and the subtle hues created by a specially developed tinting process. Because the zinc remains visible through the tint, the color and tone of the material appears to change as the sun moves throughout the day, or as the material is viewed from different angles. This gives OCM’s Tinted Zinc a dynamic life and relationship with the surrounding materials and environment. Old Country Millwork takes pride in the quality of our products, which is why all Tinted Zinc products use the finest materials, including Rheinzink’s “Bright Rolled”, and why all tinting is done at Old Country Millwork’s facility in Los Angeles, CA.


While a select number of colors have already been formulated, custom color matching is available. The durable finish provides long term performance for exterior applications, such as roofing, wall cladding, drainage systems, and architectural details. Additionally, all OCM Tinted Zinc products carry a 10 year finish warranty that covers chip, crack, check or peel, chalk and color fade. For more information about our 10 year finish warranty, or to receive sample material, please contact the sales department.

Custom color matching is available

Standard Colors

“All colors are available on a wide range of gauges of zincalume (18ga-30ga) and aluminum (.014-.063). These colors are produced using Durapon 70 PVDF (minimum 70% Hylar 5000 resin) to provide superior performance and color retention. Durapon 70 is harder and more flexible than other premium PVDF coatings on the market. This coating system creates a surface that is exceptionally resistant to installation scratching, marring, and transit abrasion, and has the flexibility to handle the most demanding post-forming operations. Cool Roof pigments in the paint deflect UV rays to lessen the heat island effect." 


Prior to painting, all metal is pretreated in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Pretreatment is applied to allow proper adhesion of primer. Primer dry film thickness is 0.2-0.3 mil. Top coat dry film thickness is 0.7-0.8 mil. Backer consists of primer with 0.2-0.3 mils dry film thickness and top coat with 0.3-0.4 mil.

All colors carry a 30 year warranty, covering chalk, fade, crack, and peel.

Color samples are close representations, but may appear different when viewed on a computer screen. Physical samples are available upon request.

Custom color matching is available