K5 Rustic Metal Finishes

Old Country Millwork’s K5: Rustic Metal Finishes is a series of custom fluoropolymer coil coating finishes designed to provide the appearance of rusted steel, patinated copper, or naturally weathered aluminum. The finishes can be applied over aluminum, hot-dipped galvanized, or Zincalume metallic substrates. The K5: Rustic Metal Finishes system is the perfect choice for applications and installations that require a more natural or rustic look than standard monochromatic, smooth and/or shiny “prepainted” metal panels or shingles.

The K5: Rustic Metal Finishes are multi-coat protective coating systems which include a metal pretreatment coating, a corrosion resistant primer, and proprietarily formulated and designed 70 % PVDF fluorocarbon topcoats. K5: Rustic Metal Finishes are processed exclusively on Old Country Millwork’s coil coating line in Los Angeles, California. They can be supplied in coil or leveled and cut sheets, both of which can be supplied with removable protective PVC if required.


The K5: Rustic Metal Finishes coating system is specifically designed for roofing and construction applications and has excellent U.V. color stability along with super resistance to chalk and fade. The unique K5: Rustic Metal Finishes also provide excellent coating “top hardness” which significantly improves scratch and scuff resistance and greatly reduces damage during transit and installation. K5: Rustic Metal Finishes have outstanding chemical resistance and are long lasting products that perform well in severe environments. An advantage of K5: Rustic Metal Finishes, when compared to installing weathering steel, is that there is no rust runoff or staining to the surrounding materials on and around the building, including driveways and sidewalks. Substrate corrosion and failure can also be avoided by using K5: Rustic Metal Finishes.

K5: Rustic Metal Finishes are ideal for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including roofing, building panel, fencing, tubing, and decking. With over 20 unique styles, K5: Rustic Metal Finishes can satisfy a wide range of visual requirements. All of the K5: Rustic Metal Finishes can also be formulated with “Cool Roof” pigmentation to meet Energy Star ® Cool Roof application requirements for IR (inferred reflective) building envelope products, adding to the building’s energy efficiency.

Please check with your Old Country Millwork representative for more detailed information and product samples today.