Air-Z Underlayment


The Structured Mat From RHEINZINK

RHEINZINK now offers its own structured mat for RHEINZINK standing seam roof systems and inlay gutters. AIR-Z is a three-dimensional mat made from nylon filament installed over underlayment with substrates of plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB). AIR-Z was engineered for low-sloped roof applications starting from 5/8:12 pitch. The mat is designed to allow condensation and moisture to weep From the assembly when the roof slope is shallow. AIR-Z compensates for structural tolerances up to 2 mm.

  • For low-sloped roofs from 5/8:12

  • Creates a thermal break between metal roof and sheathing

  • Reduces roof noise from rain or sleet

  • Retains strength and rigidity in most climates

  • Easy to cut and can be installed Vertically or Horizontally

Benefits of AIR-Z RHEINZINK: AIR-Z provides a number of benefits for metal roofing. The main purpose is to provide an open ventilation space to allow moisture to flow away and evaporate. In addition to providing continuous air or water flow, another advantage is the thermal break created between the metal roofing and sheathing resulting in a reduction of energy use. AIR-Z also assists in the reduction of noise from driving rain and sleet. 

Experience through invention: Choosing a RHEINZINK roof represents a decision for longevity and quality. RHEINZINK is considered to be the inventor of the structured mat for roofing applications. It was developed by our Engineers over 16 years ago as the sustainable and dependable solution to protect the substructure of a RHEINZINK roof from ponding water. 

Technical Data

Roll Weight

 35 Lbs ASTM D5261

Roll Width

 39.3 In.

Roll Length

 234 Feet

Roll Diameter

 33.5 In.

Tear Strength

 Longitudinal: >89 Lbs/ft Astm D5035 Transversal: >55 Lbs/ft Astm D5035

Melting Point

 417 Degrees F

Temperature Resistance

 -22 Degrees F To 176 Degrees F

Fire Classification

 Nfpa Class A1Ubc Class I1

Working with AIR-Z

AIR-Z is UV resistant for up to 6 months and retains its strength and rigidity in tempera-tures ranging from -22 degrees F to +176 degrees F. Due to its flexibility, AIR-Z is easy to cut and install - simply roll out over approved underlayment. AIR-Z can be placed horizontally or vertically. Technical information and system details available upon request. To learn more about AIR-Z and other RHEINZINK products, please visit