Level Line

OCM's Herr-Voss Leveler allows coils to be flattened and cut into sheets. The leveling process removes light distortions in the metal and coil set, the curved shape taken on by the metal from being rolled in a coil. This allows you to have flat, even sheets for easier fabrication and better finished product. OCM will cut your sheets to any combination of lengths to help you eliminate waste and unnecessary scrap. Protective films and paper interleafing can also be applied. This line specializes in surface-critical materials and is perfect for handling painted coil and sensitive unpainted materials like stainless steel, zinc, and copper.

Maximum sheet width56"
Maximum sheet length300"
Aluminum thickness.0125"-.080"
Steel thickness32ga-18ga
Maximum coil weight20,000 lbs
Maximum coil outer diameter74"
Inside Diameter20"-24"
Length tolerance+/- 0.0625
Diagonal tolerance+/- 0.125