OCM is an official distributor of Rheinzink in the western US. We have inventory from 0.7mm(24ga) - 1.5mm(16ga) in Pre-Weathered Blue/Gray and Graphite Gray. We also carry these items with a pro-backer, which is a moisture protective barrier coating.


RHEINZINK® is the trade name for a titanium zinc alloy, manufactured in the form of thin gauge sheet metal, used for roofing, facade cladding, and roof drainage. RHEINZINK® is 99.995% pure electrolytic special high-grade zinc alloyed with small quantities of titanium and copper. These additional alloying elements are necessary for modifying the mechanical and technological properties of zinc in a way that the material can be used for exterior architectural projects.

RHEINZINK® is a monolithic alloy, not a coating on top of some other base metal. RHEINZINK® is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, and with proper design and installation, the lifespan of RHEINZINK® as a roofing material ranges between 100 and 120 years while a wall application ranges between 200 and 300 years. The self-healing zinc carbonate that RHEINZINK® forms through exposure to air and water offers great resistance to corrosion and wear.

RHEINZINK® is available in three natural colors, Preweathered Blue Gray; Classic and Preweathered Graphite Gray.

Composition of RHEINZINK®

99.95% Pure Zinc 99.835%
Titanium 0.07 - 0.12%
Copper 0.08 - 0.17%


Forms a solid solution with zinc
Improves malleability
Is responsible for the natural Blue Gray and Graphite Gray colors


Improves the tensile strength and hardness of the material and increases creep resistance
Increases the re-crystallization temperature by about 68°F (20°C) to about 572°F (300°C).