Standard Colors

“All colors are available on a wide range of gauges of zincalume (18ga-30ga) and aluminum (.014-.063). These colors are produced using Durapon 70 PVDF (minimum 70% Hylar 5000 resin) to provide superior performance and color retention. Durapon 70 is harder and more flexible than other premium PVDF coatings on the market. This coating system creates a surface that is exceptionally resistant to installation scratching, marring, and transit abrasion, and has the flexibility to handle the most demanding post-forming operations. Cool Roof pigments in the paint deflect UV rays to lessen the heat island effect." 

Prior to painting, all metal is pretreated in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Pretreatment is applied to allow proper adhesion of primer. Primer dry film thickness is 0.2-0.3 mil. Top coat dry film thickness is 0.7-0.8 mil. Backer consists of primer with 0.2-0.3 mils dry film thickness and top coat with 0.3-0.4 mil.

All colors carry a 30 year warranty, covering chalk, fade, crack, and peel.

Color samples are close representations, but may appear different when viewed on a computer screen. Physical samples are available upon request.

Custom color matching is available