Coil coating allows for tight control over the paint application process. First the metal passes through a cleaning station to remove surface contaminants and oils. The metal is then pretreated, which provides protection against corrosion and creates a molecular bond between the metal and paint. OCM uses primer on most products to improve paint adhesion and to maintain control over the finish color. Top-coats are painted over the primer, with each coat baking in separate ovens to fully cure. OCM's state-of-the-art emissions control system protects the environment. Because it is applied by rollers, not sprayers, paint is never airborne, eliminating waste and pollution. Coil coated metals provide long-lasting performance. Together this makes coil coating efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. OCM offers a variety of paint systems including PVDF, Polyester, Silicone-Modified Polyester (SMP), and Epoxy. Most colors are made in-house, which allows for custom matching, smaller batches, and shorter lead-times.

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PVDF Colors

• 35 year warranty for color fade, chalk, crack, and peel.
• Best UV resistance
• Suitable for exterior applications such as roofing and wall panels
• Wide range of colors and glosses.

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SMP Colors

• Modified polyester for longer performance and color retention than conventional Polyester.
• 40 year warranty (but with more allowable fade compared to PVDF)
• Mid-range price and performance (lower price than PVDF, better performance than polyester)
• Harder finish than PVDF for improved scratch resistance.
• Applications include roofing, wall panels, roll-up doors, raingutters.
• Full range of colors and glosses (including bright colors and high-gloss)

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Polyester Colors

• 10 year warranty for color fade, chalk, crack, and peel.
• Great for interior applications such as ceilings. Also used for rain gutters, garage doors, and signage.
• Lower cost
• Hard finish for superior scratch/abrasion resistance
• Full range of colors and glosses (including bright colors and high-gloss)

12" Paint Line 
36" Paint Line                  
   48" Paint Line             


.012" - .063"

.008" - .063"

.024” - .063”


.010" - .057"

.010" - .046"

.012” - .047”


.010" - .043"

.010" - .043"

Not Available

Entry/Exit I.D

12", 16", or 20"

16" or 20"

16”, 20”, or 24”

Max coil weight

5,000 lbs.

10,000 lbs.

20,000 lbs

Linear Feet min.

850 LF

850 LF

1400 LF