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Project: Maritime Center of Excellence, US Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT

Panel Manufacturer: Metal-Tech Global

Metal-Tech Global applied OCM Coil to the construction of the Maritime Center of Excellence in New London, CT, creating roof tiles specialized to withstand rust and corrosion from the eastern coastline. OCM applied custom colored PVDF with High-Build Primer to stainless steel coil to provide the materials for this incredible US Coast Guard Academy.

Project: Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center San Antonio, TX

Panel Manufacturer: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: Populous

OCM provided vibrant custom colors to for the newly renovated and expanded Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center. OCM’s material was used to fabricate silver, yellow, and red panels for the soffits and the bold new façade that is the defining element of this expansive modernization project in the heart of Texas.

Project: Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar

Ceiling panel manufacturer: Ceilings Plus

Architect: HOK

Hailed as one of the world’s most architecturally significant airports, Hamad International makes a dramatic impression on travelers who pass through its terminals. OCM painted the aluminum that was utilized for the ceiling panels. The monumental curved ceilings are one of the key design features of this award-winning project.

Project: Finnegan’s House Minneapolis, MN

Wall panels: MG McGrath

Architect: ESG Architecture & Design

Print Finish: Colorado Rust

Based in downtown Minneapolis, local favorite Finnegan’s Brew recently completed their new all-in-one facility to house their new corporate offices, brewing operation, and multiple tap rooms. MG McGrath utilized OCM’s “K5: Colorado Rust” finish for the exterior wall panels. The rustic finish was the perfect fit for the architectural style that combined both urban and rustic elements. 

Project: Westfield UTC La Jolla, CA

Wall panels and window trims: California Sheet Metal

Architect: Architects Orange

Print Finish: Red Oxide

OCM’s custom colors and prints are prominently featured in Westfield’s ambitious overhaul of one of San Diego’s premier shopping malls. California Sheet Metal fabricated elegant custom wall cladding and storefronts throughout the sprawling plaza using a wide variety of shades. OCM also provided a custom designed print finish, K5: Red Oxide, which frames the storefront windows of Nordstrom’s and other premium retailers throughout the mall.

Project: Music City Convention Center Nashville, TN

Panel manufacturer: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: TVS Design and Architecture

In the center of the Music City, Nashville’s convention center makes a dramatic impression. Painted metal is widely used throughout the building envelope, including wall panels, roofing, soffits, columns and a massive screen-wall in the shape of an acoustic guitar which can be seen from the sky. OCM provided a range of warm custom colors specially selected to mimic the natural colors of spruce and cedar woods commonly used to make guitars.

Project: Unison Bank Gilbert, AZ

Wall panel manufacturer: Western Building Group

OCM’s ability to produce small batches of custom colors allowed for this dynamic façade to be realized on a relatively small building, without compromising the design. OCM provided steel sheets in 3 custom shades of orange which were formed into the wall panels that wrap the retail bank’s first floor.

Project: Carbon12 Portland, OR

Wall panel fabricator: Architectural Metal Works

Architect: Path Architecture

Print Finish: White Rust

Carbon12 is a groundbreaking building that sets a new standard for sustainable development. At 85 feet tall, this is the tallest mass timber and cross-laminated timber building in the United States. The use of light-weight and sustainable materials include the aluminum wall panels, which feature OCM’s “K5: White Rust” finish. In addition to being light-weight, the aluminum that covers the entire structure is 100% recyclable. The “K5: White Rust” finish protects the aluminum while adding the appearance of a lightly-weathered, natural metal which complements the exposed timber seen throughout the interior. Upon request, OCM can provide 100% recycled aluminum.

Project: Startup Crossing Provo, UT

Wall panel fabricator: Noorda Architectural Metals

Architect: Architecture Belgique

This multifamily residential development combines a variety of metal wall panels in various colors. OCM’s “K5: Classic Rust” provides a warm, rustic touch of color without introducing the problems that are so commonly associated with weathering steel. As opposed to rusting metal, K5 will not stain surrounding materials such as sidewalks. K5 protects against corrosion of the underlying steel or aluminum, providing long lasting beauty and performance.

Project: Gila River Multipurpose Building Sacaton, AZ

Metal Wall Panels: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: Orcutt/Winslow

The Gila River Multipurpose Building showcases OCM’s flexibility and unlimited color options. OCM produced multiple shades of green and grey which were utilized in the vibrant custom metal panel system. The result is a building facade which curves and wraps around this exciting building which hosts cultural and educational activities in the Gila River Indian Community.

Project: AE Urbia Offices South Jordan, UT

Soffit Panel Manufacturer: Western Building Group

Architect: AE Urbia

Print Finish: Oak Print Light

It is always an honor to have our material showcased on an architect’s own office building. Utah’s AE Urbia’s designed their new offices with bold blocks of material. The building’s raw cast concrete walls support the dramatic canopy and provide a rich contrast to the “TimberMet” finish. OCM provided a custom color wood grain finish from our “TimberMet” series and Western Building Group fabricated the soffit panels.

Project: Notre Dame Football Locker Room – South Bend, IN

Fabricator: Oakland Metal Sales

Finish: Custom Color Matching – “Tinted Zinc”

 OCM worked with the architect and fabricator to develop a custom finish that would replicate the official color coordination of the University of Notre Dame Football. At the request of the designer for the project (Integrated Design Solutions) we matched the classic Notre Dame navy blue color. Various historic NCAA college football programs recently updated their facilities, and OCM was proud to be a part of this process. OCM provided the materials to Oakland Metal Sales to fabricate the custom panels for the flat screen TVs in the facility.

Project: Fountain Plaza – Cerritos, CA

Panel Manufacturer: Architectural Metal Design

Finish: K5 – Rustico

OCM’s K5 – Rustico was used to clad the iconic clock tower, which is the centerpiece of this Southern California shopping center. While the painted metal provides the look of rusted metal, there is no rust staining of surrounding materials. The K5 – Rustico finish is the perfect bridge between the natural, rustic stone and the more modern, black painted metal panels that make up the rest of the façade.

Private Residence – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Panel Manufacturer: Aluminum Shingle Company
Material: Custom metallic PVDF on aluminum 

OCM provided custom color aluminum to Aluminum Shingle Company for the manufacture of the roof tiles used on this spectacular island home. The use of aluminum will help this roof stand the test of time in such an extreme environment as a coastal cliff in the tropics.

Project: Trader Joes grocery store & Broken Yolk restaurant - San Diego, CA

Contractor: American Sheet Metal

Finish: k5 – Copper Verde

OCM provided a Copper Verde metal finish to produce the metal sheets used to create the façade of the Trader Joes and Broken Yolk located near San Diego State University. K5: Copper Verde looks like aged copper with a natural patina but is actually just painted steel.  It’s a color shifting paint that looks green from one angle and brown from another angle, making for a dynamic life-like finish at a fraction of the price of real copper without the unpredictable coloring of natural metal.

Project: Cubs Park / Sloan Park (Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility) – Mesa, AZ

Contractor: Gen3 Construction

Architects: Populous and Lloyd Civil & Sports Engineers

Finish: Custom PVDF

When it comes to matching colors that are strongly identified with a brand, few clients are as demanding as a professional sports team. In 2014 the Chicago Cubs opened their new spring training facility, the largest capacity spring training park in all of Major League Baseball. OCM was able to provide color matching services that enabled the sheet metal contactor to meet their client’s demands for a perfect match. OCM provided steel sheets in the Cubs’ trademark red color that were fabricated into copings, flashings, and other trims on various buildings throughout the facility.

Project: 7K Ranch – Los Alamos, CA

Panel manufacturer: Western States Decking

Finish: K5: Metallic Rust

The design of the 7K Ranch takes into consideration the local aesthetics of California’s Central Coast, especially the local cattle ranching and wine production, the colors and textures of the surrounding picturesque landscape, and the rich Spanish history of the area, which dates back the 18th century. The construction included a new home with guest quarters, a barn, and separate buildings for grilling and entertaining. OCM’s “K5: Metallic Rust” was used extensively on the barn and other buildings, primarily in the corrugated roofing panels. Other more creative applications of this material included the large barn doors and the canopies around the grilling and entertaining areas. The rustic paint finish suites the project well, as the project is designed to have the charm of a ranch and hacienda that has been in the family for generations, while utilizing materials that will last for generations to come.

Project: Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

Contractor: Custom Metal Fabricators

Finish: Custom PVDF

A Los Angeles icon, The Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural amphitheater in the United States. It was originally opened in 1922, but underwent renovations throughout the early 2000’s. One such renovation was the addition of two restaurants. OCM provided a custom color match for the metal fascia and other exterior architectural details of the restaurants.

Project: Main Library – Yuma, AZ

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Finish: K5-Metallic Rust

The Yuma County Main Library is an 80,000 square feet, new library facility that is the anchor of a six-facility, county-wide library system. The façade utilizes OCM’s K5: Metallic Rust in place of weathered steel.

Project: Moxy Hotel, Manhattan, NYC

Wall Panels and Trim: Riverside Group

Finish: K5 Old Sierra Rust

The fabulous Moxy Hotel in New York City is a unique standing structure in the city skyline. Our K5 coil accents the exterior at the penthouse levels. Pre-painted aluminum sheet was used to sleeve a heavier metal.

Project: Montifore Medical, Harrison, NYC

Panel Manufacturer: Morin Corp

Print Finish: Timbermet Light Cherry (custom)

Morin fabricated custom colored OCM Coil wood grain print to construct the exterior wall cladding, column covers, and soffits.

Project: Foundation for Blind Children

Panel Manufacturer: True Metal Solutions

True Metal Solutions used small batches of custom colors to create a unique, vibrant façade (blues, oranges, whites), as well as a custom iridescent paint that changes from metallic green to black..

Project: Private Residence; Scottsdale, AZ

Panel Fabricator: Paul Rich Roofing

OCM Coil supplied Paul Rich Roofing with custom K5 rust-printed finish materials to fabricate the standing seam roof at a private residence down in Scottsdale, AZ. The colors had to be customized to meet the HOA's color palette requirements. Silver Ore was used for the soffits on the outdoor patios and to clad the beams in the high ceilings of the great room, and Black Ore for the custom garage doors.

Project: New York Welcome Center

Panel Manufacturer: Oakland Metal Sales

OCM Coil provided Oakland Metal Sales with custom-colored PVDF materials to fabricate the roof panels, copings, and trims.

Project: Apartment Building Lobby; New York, NY

Panel Manufacturer: B&B Sheet Metal

The interior wall panels and column covers on this New York City apartment buildings were masterfully clad by B&B Sheet metal using OCM Coil's K5 Grande Rust print finish.

Project: Sundance Store; Scottsdale, AZ

Panel Manufacturer: Mirror Works

Mirror Works used OCM Coil's K5 Classic Rust print finish materials in the renovation of the Sundance Store in Scottsdale, AZ. Mirror Works fabricated the building's signage and storefront wall panels.

Project: Pauley Pavilion (UCLA Campus)

Panel Manufacturer: Kovach

 Home to the iconic UCLA Bruins' basketball program, Pauley Pavilion is a cathedral of success. That's why OCM Coil custom painted the materials Kovach used in the renovation of this NCAA powerhouse.

Project: Del E Webb School Of Construction, Arizona State University
Panel Manufacturer: Kovach

The Del E. Webb School of Construction, or DEWSC is one of the finest construction schools in the country. So its fitting that the contracted one of the finest fabricators to use OCM Coil on this prestigious learning center. OCM painted 4 custom metallic colors used for metal wall panels and screen walls, fabricated by Kovach.

Project: Sato Elementary School - Portland, OR
Panel Manufacturer: TT&L Sheet Metal

Old Country Millwork supplied TT&L Sheet Metal with of various custom colors, including small batches of exotic, metallic colors for the accents.

Project: Boulder Jewish Community Center

Panel Manufacturer: Morin

Print Finish: K5 Rustic Ridge

Morin Corp. constructed wall panels made of OCM's K5 Rustic Ridge print finished sheets to use on the Boulder Jewish Community Center in Boulder, CO.

Project: San Diego Central Library

Panel Manufacturer: California Sheet Metal

Architects: Rob Wellington Quigley Architects, Tucker Sadler Noble Castro Architects

In a joint venture between Rob Wellington Quigley Architects and Tucker Sadler Noble Castro Architects, California Sheet Metal used OCM Custom silver materials to construct the fantastic San Diego Central Library. CSM perforated the sheets to create the icon lattice dome and façade of the structure.

Project: Qatar Pavilions

Panel Manufacturer: Kenetsan

OCM matched and applied custom color PVDF paint on Rheinzink zinc coil that was used to create the unique roofing system seen here. The distinctive curved roofs were designed to be reminiscent of traditional tents of the region.

Project: Austin Central Library

Panel Manufacturers: Kovach

Architects: Lake | Flato Architects, Shepley Bulfinch Architects, Richardson & Abbott Inc.

The Austin Central Library is an award winning structure. Multiple awards, actually. This building has been named one of Time Magazine's World's Greatest Places (2018), won the AIA/ALA Library Building Award, the Shoal Creek Conservancy Keystone Award, the ASCE Texas Section Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award, as well as many others.

Old Country Millwork provided Kovach with the materials to manufacture the screening systems and wall panels for the building envelope of this 200,000 sq ft., 6 story public library deep in the heart of downtown Austin, TX.

Project: Old Main, University of Arizona

Panel manufacturer: Kovach

Originally constructed in the beginning of 1887, the historic Old Main building, the first constructed at the University of Arizona was restored in 2013. Kovach replaced the roof and cladding, and OCM custom matched the color to a piece of the original roof. Kovach recreated the original roof panels and custom-stamped tiles to match the original cladding using OCM’s painted coil.

Project: ASU Gammage Memorial Auditorium - Tempe, AZ

Panel manufacturer: Progressive Roofing

Originally constructed in 1962, and designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Arizona State University's Gammage Auditorium was reopened after renovations and upgrades in 2013. OCM provided Progressive Roofing with the custom-copper-painted steel coils to create the cladding.

Project: Salt River Canyon

Panel Manufacturer: AARA Construction

Print Finish: Dark Patina Copper

This highway rest stop in the Arizona desert had the original copper panels stolen from the building. When the state replaced the panels they wanted to keep the original look of the aged copper panels, while discouraging repeated theft. Working with the client, OCM developed a custom PVDF print finish, now known as OCM’s “K5 Dark Patina Copper”, to replicate the appearance of the original panels in harmony with the colors of the surrounding environment.

Project: Private Residence - Cape Arch, OR

Panel Manufacturer: TT L Sheet Metal

Application: Board and Batten style roof and fascia.

TT L was contracted to replace the zinc roof with RHEINZINK, and to provide a roofing assembly that would allow the zinc to perform optimally in this extreme environment for this private beachfront residence in Cape Arch, OR. The owner had previously installed another zinc roof that failed due to flaws in the roofing assembly and installation. While RHEINZINK will weather rapidly in such a humid and salt-laden environment, the patina develops as a protective crust that will preserve the material for many decades when installed properly.

Project: Great Park Ice Skating Arena - Irvine, CA

Panel manufacturer: OC Metals

O.C. Metals contracted OCM Coil to paint the exotic custom colors seen at the Great Park Ice & Five Points Arena in Irvine, CA. We provided the bright pinks and orange materials for OC Metals to craft into sidewall, soffit, and fascia panels. The next time these colorful, eye-catching canopies enter your field of vision on your way for a fun day on the ice with friends and family, you have Old Country Millwork and OC Metals to thank.