OCM’s Tinted Zinc

Old Country Millwork’s Tinted Zinc is a colorful architectural zinc that captures the natural beauty of zinc and the subtle hues created by a specially developed tinting process. Because the zinc remains visible through the tint, the color and tone of the material appears to change as the sun moves throughout the day, or as the material is viewed from different angles. This gives OCM’s Tinted Zinc a dynamic life and relationship with the surrounding materials and environment. Old Country Millwork takes pride in the quality of our products, which is why all Tinted Zinc products use the finest materials, including Rheinzink’s “Bright Rolled”, and why all tinting is done at Old Country Millwork’s facility in Los Angeles, CA.

While a select number of colors have already been formulated, custom color matching is available. The durable finish provides long term performance for exterior applications, such as roofing, wall cladding, drainage systems, and architectural details. Additionally, all OCM Tinted Zinc products carry a 10 year finish warranty that covers chip, crack, check or peel, chalk and color fade. For more information about our 10 year finish warranty, or to receive sample material, please contact the sales department.

Custom color matching is available