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Project: Notre Dame Football Locker Room – South Bend, IN

Fabricator: Oakland Metal Sales

Finish: Custom Color Matching – “Tinted Zinc”

 OCM worked with the architect and fabricator to develop a custom finish that would replicate the official color coordination of the University of Notre Dame Football. At the request of the designer for the project (Integrated Design Solutions) we matched the classic Notre Dame navy blue color. Various historic NCAA college football programs recently updated their facilities, and OCM was proud to be a part of this process. OCM provided the materials to Oakland Metal Sales to fabricate the custom panels for the flat screen TVs in the facility.

Project: Trader Joes grocery store & Broken Yolk restaurant - San Diego, CA

Contractor: American Sheet Metal

Finish: k5 – Copper Verde

OCM provided a Copper Verde metal finish to produce the metal sheets used to create the façade of the Trader Joes and Broken Yolk located near San Diego State University. K5: Copper Verde looks like aged copper with a natural patina but is actually just painted steel.  It’s a color shifting paint that looks green from one angle and brown from another angle, making for a dynamic life-like finish at a fraction of the price of real copper without the unpredictable coloring of natural metal.

Private Residence / Geodesic Dome – Clermont, FL

Panel Manufacturer: Aluminum Shingle Company
Finish: K5 – Copper Verde

OCM’s “K5 – Copper Verde” provides the look of aged copper, painted on lightweight aluminum. Aluminum Shingle Company manufactured the roof shingles that could be curved around the struts of the geodesic dome. 

Project: Salt River Canyon – Arizona

Contractor: AARA

Finish: K5 – Dark Patina Copper

OCM worked with the architect and fabricator to develop a custom finish that would replicate the appearance of weathered copper. The fascia, which was previously made with actual copper, was stolen off the building because of the high scrap-value of copper. The key goals for this project were to provide a finish that would appear to be the original material without having to wait for a natural patina to develop, to reduce the material cost compared to copper, and to mitigate the risk for future theft of the metal panels. Sample images were provided to OCM and a series of matches were generated. OCM then reworked the final finish based on the architect’s feedback. After the final approval OCM provided this custom, multi-color PVDF finish on 24ga steel.

Project: South Bay Bus Maintenance Facility – Chula Vista, CA

Contractor: California Sheet Metal

Architect: STV

Finish: Custom PVDF color

OCM provided a custom matched color and produced sheets which were fabricated into fascia, sun shades, and louvers for the new maintenance facility for San Diego’s Metropolitan Transit System. This state-of-the-art facility is LEED Silver and Cal Green compliant.

Project: The Pterodactyl – Culver City, CA

Architect: Eric Owen Moss Architects

Material: RHEINZINK Pre-Patina Blue Gray

OCM provided Rheinzink’s Pre-Patina Blue Gray coil and sheet for use on the façade and roof or this iconic project. The unique building was created as a part of a retrofit to existing structures. Rheinzink was primarily used to clad an advertising agency’s office, which was added above an existing parking structure.

Project: Arizona State University: Block 12 – Tempe, AZ

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: Architekton/Gensler

Finish: Various custom PVDF colors

Block 12 is the newly constructed home of Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University. This project brought one of the top construction management programs in the country into an impressive new facility on ASU’s Tempe campus. Due to the importance of this school within the construction industry in Arizona, this project was high-profile and the contractors were under more pressure and scrutiny than they would be on most other jobs. OCM matched and provided a variety of custom colors in coil. OCM also warehoused the finished coils and provided rushed service to cut sheets and ship them to the fabricator within 48 hours of when each cut-list became available. This allowed the fabricator to make last minute changes to sheet sizes without generating scrap. This also allowed the fabricator more floor space to work, since they did not have to store any material until they were ready to fabricate. Kovach fabricated and installed metal panels for the façade.

Project: Arizona State University: Manzanita Hall – Tempe, AZ

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: Cartmell & Rossman (original design), Studio Ma (renovations)

Finish: Custom Kynar/PVDF

Manzanita Hall has been a landmark on the ASU Tempe campus since its construction in 1966. In 2011, renovations began with the objectives of modernizing the interior and making changes to the floor plans. While the exterior of the building required some repairs and improvements, great emphasis was placed on not altering the recognizable elements of the exterior. OCM provided a custom color match for use in the exterior wall cladding so that the appearance did not change, even though new materials had been installed to replace old, failing sheet metal.

Project: Banner Gateway Medical Center – Gilbert, AZ

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architects: NBBJ

Finish: Various custom Kynar/PVDF

Banner Health is one of the largest nonprofit health care systems in the country and a leading nonprofit provider of hospital services. OCM matched multiple custom colors for Banner’s “Gateway Medical Center” in Gilbert, AZ. This is one of many Banner facilities that have utilized OCM’s material. In February 2015, Banner Health merged with the University of Arizona Health Network. OCM currently has two custom, multi-color print finishes included in Banner Health’s standard material specification, insuring future collaborations as Banner adds more medical facilities over the coming years.

Project: Cubs Park / Sloan Park (Chicago Cubs Spring Training Facility) – Mesa, AZ

Contractor: Gen3 Construction

Architects: Populous and Lloyd Civil & Sports Engineers

Finish: Custom PVDF

When it comes to matching colors that are strongly identified with a brand, few clients are as demanding as a professional sports team. In 2014 the Chicago Cubs opened their new spring training facility, the largest capacity spring training park in all of Major League Baseball. OCM was able to provide color matching services that enabled the sheet metal contactor to meet their client’s demands for a perfect match. OCM provided steel sheets in the Cubs’ trademark red color that were fabricated into copings, flashings, and other trims on various buildings throughout the facility.

Project: 7K Ranch – Los Alamos, CA

Panel manufacturer: Western States Decking

Finish: K5: Metallic Rust

The design of the 7K Ranch takes into consideration the local aesthetics of California’s Central Coast, especially the local cattle ranching and wine production, the colors and textures of the surrounding picturesque landscape, and the rich Spanish history of the area, which dates back the 18th century. The construction included a new home with guest quarters, a barn, and separate buildings for grilling and entertaining. OCM’s “K5: Metallic Rust” was used extensively on the barn and other buildings, primarily in the corrugated roofing panels. Other more creative applications of this material included the large barn doors and the canopies around the grilling and entertaining areas. The rustic paint finish suites the project well, as the project is designed to have the charm of a ranch and hacienda that has been in the family for generations, while utilizing materials that will last for generations to come.

Project: Thunderbird Plaza – Phoenix, AZ

Contractor: Metal Source

Finish: OCM Vintage

The first stage of this shopping center was completed using sheet metal from another manufacturer. Due to performance issues related to the finish on the first stage the decision was made to change manufacturers. Metal Source provided OCM with samples of the metal used on the first stage and OCM was able to create a finish that matched the existing material visually, while offering superior performance. OCM’s material was able to be mixed into the existing project without creating a mismatch situation or having any obvious color variance.

Project: Goodwill – Seattle, WA

Contractor: Marvin Sheet Metal

Finish: Custom Kynar/PVDF

OCM provided a custom metallic color for use in the exterior wall panels and associated trims for Goodwill’s 700 Dearborn Place facility. In addition to retail and donation services, this location was built to house a new Job Training and Education Center where the charity provides training to working mothers, recent immigrants, and adults who never finished high school.

Project: Hollywood Bowl – Los Angeles, CA

Contractor: Custom Metal Fabricators

Finish: Custom PVDF

A Los Angeles icon, The Hollywood Bowl is the largest natural amphitheater in the United States. It was originally opened in 1922, but underwent renovations throughout the early 2000’s. One such renovation was the addition of two restaurants. OCM provided a custom color match for the metal fascia and other exterior architectural details of the restaurants.

Project: Main Library – Yuma, AZ

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Finish: K5-Metallic Rust

The Yuma County Main Library is an 80,000 square feet, new library facility that is the anchor of a six-facility, county-wide library system. The façade utilizes OCM’s K5: Metallic Rust in place of weathered steel.

The Village at Santa Monica – Santa Monica, CA

Contractor: Eberhard Construction & Roofing
Architect: KTGY Group, Inc. / LARGE architecture
Materials: Rheinzink’s Pre-Patina Blue Gray and various custom Kynar/PVDF painted steel

The Village at Santa Monica is a mixed use complex in the heart of Santa Monica’s Civic Center area. The site includes over 300 residential units, 20,000 square feet of retail and dining, as well as plazas and gardens. OCM provided various materials for this project including the RHEINZINK that was used for the most prominent facades. OCM also provided a number of small-batch, custom colors on steel which Eberhard fabricated into window sills, adding a touch of color to this beachside project.

Private Residence – St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Panel Manufacturer: Aluminum Shingle Company
Material: Custom metallic PVDF on aluminum 

OCM provided custom color aluminum to Aluminum Shingle Company for the manufacture of the roof tiles used on this spectacular island home. The use of aluminum will help this roof stand the test of time in such an extreme environment as a coastal cliff in the tropics.

Project: Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center – San Antonio, TX

Contractor: Kovach Building Enclosures

Architect: Populous

Materials: Various custom Kynar/PVDF colors on steel

Populous designed the transformation of San Antonio’s 46-year-old convention center. OCM provided custom color matching for the vibrant colors and metallic finishes used for the new façade. Kovach fabricated and installed the metal for the massive expansion of one of the top exhibition and event spaces in Texas. This expansion made it the largest such facility in the state.

Project: Private Residence – Salt Lake City, UT

Panel Manufacturer: Aluminum Shingle Company

Material: Custom metallic Kynar/PVDF on aluminum

OCM matched a custom color and provided a small production run in aluminum, which Aluminum Shingle Company manufactured into roof shingles. OCM has the ability to produce small enough quantities of custom finishes so that even a single-family home can utilize architectural metal with unique, custom color.

Project: Fountain Plaza – Cerritos, CA

Panel Manufacturer: Architectural Metal Design

Finish: K5 – Rustico

OCM’s K5 – Rustico was used to clad the iconic clock tower, which is the centerpiece of this Southern California shopping center. While the painted metal provides the look of rusted metal, there is no rust staining of surrounding materials. The K5 – Rustico finish is the perfect bridge between the natural, rustic stone and the more modern, black painted metal panels that make up the rest of the façade.